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Lubes & Repair Centers

Our Unlimited Text & Email retention programs bring back customers 60 days quicker for their next oil change, and improve loyalty by 20%. Our turnkey products and services include:

  • Text Message Reminders
  • Email Reminders
  • Postcard Reminders
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Promotion Design
  • Coupon Code Tracking
  • Real-time Reporting

See a Sample: Text 'XYZ' to 645244


Car Washes

Car washes have unique needs to smooth out weather-related downturns, and boost sales in quick bursts.  Our turnkey products and services are tailored to grow the mobile user base quickly, to execute:

  • Text Message Blasts
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Promotion Design
  • Coupon Code Tracking
  • Bar Code Redemption
  • Real-time Reporting

See a Sample: Text 'FullCircle' to 645244



Brands and Distributors consult with us to design, build and manage promotions to boost sales, lower training costs, maximize profits and minimize financial risk. Our turnkey products and services include:

  • Budget Projecting
  • Promotion Consulting
  • In-market Testing (Pilots)
  • Installer Promotion Enrollment
  • Creative & POP Kit Fulfillment
  • Promotion Execution
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Reimbursement Settlement
  • Legal T&C Support

Why Choose Digital Rocket

Sales are Flat or Trending Downward

The right mobile strategy should get a 10+ percent jump in new acquisition traffic, and a 20% spike in loyalty. 54 percent of consumers who engage revisit 2+ times per year, compared to 34% of consumers who do not get mobile offers.


You Want to Grow

According to Forrester Research, more than 30% of all 2016 sales involved mobile phones at some point in the purchase lifecycle. Brands and retailers not using mobile today are missing out on 30+ percent of the market. Growth requires mobile.

You Can't Afford to Implement a Losing Strategy

Lubes without good retention programs lose more than 50% of their customers to their competitors, before their next visit. Implementing the wrong program has consequences, including shrinking loyalty.

Your National Promotion Strategy Isn't Working

For Brand promotions to be HIGH IMPACT, consumers, retailers and distributors have to love it. If any party doesn't see the value, the promotion will fail. 

Your Brand Has an Initiative: Leverage Mobile

Kodak and Sears are just two examples of Brand giants that paid dearly for not innovating. No Brand can afford to lag behind. Tony Robbins said it well, "Losers react. Leaders anticipate."

Your Current Vendors Can't Get You Where You Need to Go

Some vendors hype themselves as one-stop-digital-shops. But this isn't about email. It isn't about an app, a web site or social media. And it's much more than a text message. It requires a digital partner that truly gets it. 


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